Marlies raich alter

marlies raich alter

Marlies raich alter | The youngest competitor, Marlies Schild, competes in her first race at the age of six. She was accepted into the Salzburger Schülerkader when she was ten years old, and after graduating from the Volksschule, she went on to study at the Alpin-Zweig of the Hauptschule Zell am See.

After that, she transferred to the Skigymnasium in Stams after passing the entrance examination. The decision to accept her into the SV-Nachwuchsteam finally came about in 1998. FIS (Federal Institute of Standards)

Schild prepared for the World Cup by competing in the Europacup and Europacup-Rennen. Since 2002, it has served as the headquarters of the SV and the Heeressportzentrum of the Austrian Federal Republic.

At the beginning of her professional career, she preferred to compete in abfahrtsrennen. With 19 years under her belt, she had already undergone five knife operations and two crossbandrisse and had decided to concentrate on the less invasive procedures.

Disciplines that are potentially dangerous Riesenslalom and Slalom are two different events. She was sluggish throughout the World Cup, which included all disciplines. Your primary competition discipline was the slalom, although you also competed in other events.

She has won a World Cup title in the Riesenslalom and the Super-Kombination, as well as second place finishes in the Abfahrt and the Super-G competitions.

Schild was eliminated from the Slalom competition on her first appearance at the 2002 Winter Olympics in Salt Lake City. She took first place in the Slalom at the World Championships in St. Moritz in 2003.

A silver medal was awarded in the World Championship in Santa Caterina in 2005, and a bronze medal was awarded in the Alpine combination at the same competition.

On September 2, 2014, the 33-year-old announced his retirement from competitive motorcycle racing.

In her favourite discipline, the Slalom World Champion from 2011 holds the record for most World Cup victories with 35 victories. With their success in Lienz at the end of December 2013, they elevated themselves over the Swiss actress Vreni.

Schneider is ranked first in the world. Marlies claimed a total of 37 victories in 212 World Cup races. Marlies’ active career came to a conclusion with four Olympic gold medals and seven World Championship gold medals.

The Raich siblings, Josef, Bernadette, and Lukas, are all involved in the skirennsport as well as their father.

He is determined by their three children and the desire to have a successful career.

To serve as a role model for you. In an interview, the 38-year-old reveals what she fantasises about, what she admires about her husband, and where she sees her professional future heading.

marlies raich alter
marlies raich alter